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Warning! Gallery contains a mix of stuff ranging from obnoxiously adorable animals to women with unrealistically huge breasts! Mostly the latter though. Enjoy :)

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So I got this from :icongreyofpta:'s Journal who begat the idea from :iconmegs83: and :iconsplatterphoenix: and which then the Lord spake and the animals were feasted upon and wines were drunk and the ancestors were pleased and they smiled.

The first ten posters in the journal (who ask to be featured) will force me to look at their galleries and feature three of their devations in this journal! But with my own twist, I'm also going to write a short little something about what makes their gallery lovable! Everyone's got something to love about them, after all :heart:

Just like any good love-related affliction, if you become featured, you must then spread the love in your journal with the person you got it from as your first slot! Let's spread a communicable epidemic of love!

1: :icongreyofpta: Multiverse Belles by GreyOfPTA Stereotypes Are FUN! by GreyOfPTA Growth Instead of Rubber by GreyOfPTA Morrigan Had some Pep Plus by GreyOfPTA Pokemon gift art by GreyOfPTA
GreyofPTA has a lot of lively and fluid linework that brings so much wonderfulness into your eyes. Coupled with his humor, eye for color and composition, his gallery is definitely a treat to see. It's hard to narrow the selection down to three. Good thing I can't count.

2: :iconbioyugi: - 12 Days of Hypnos Day 12: Beware the Krampus“Oh dear, I’m afraid Becky Jameson in Forest Hills is still on the naughty list this year,” jolly old Saint Nicholas said, sitting is his plush red chair.
“Oh, really?” a voice came from behind him. It was sugary sweet and high pitched, like a pixie.
“It seems so, I checked it twice. What a shame. Normally, girls and boys on the naughty list either grow out of it, or they get punished in some other fashion, but it’s been ten years now. It seems I’ll leave her up to you this year.”
“Oh goodie!” the figure behind him said, clasping her hands in glee. “I’m sure she’ll learn her lesson by the time I’m done with her, hehe.”
“Very good then,” Santa said, moving on to the next girl on his list.
That Christmas Eve, Becky, who had recently turned eighteen, was lounging around in her house, playing on her brother’s computer.
“Pff, what an idiot, he left his Facebook account log
  Birthday SurpriseAlexis slid her key into the front door and pushed on the wood as she unlocked it. Upon entering her home, she was hit with familiar sensations. There were loud yips of barking as her female Scottie heard the door open. Then, there was the surprisingly strong impact of said dog barreling into her. She could hear her parents talking, even though they were back in the living room. Alexis threw her black jacket over the nearest hook and walked over to announce her presence.
“Hey guys, I’m back. Wow, you would not believe how many times Thomas spilled something today, I must have been on my hands and knees every hour. Eventually I stopped giving him milk or juice and just gave him-“
“Oh, Alexis, you’re home, good, listen,” her mom said. Alexis winced. She knew something was coming, and after a day of babysitting two kids and a baby, Alexis hoped it was something simple like peeling potatoes for dinner. It was just then Alexis realized that she didn
  Metroid: Corruption of a Different SortIt hadn’t responded to any of her attacks. Not her missiles, not her ice beam, not even a power bomb had harmed the creature in any discernible way. By the time it stuck to her suit, the bounty hunter resorted to plunging her fingers into it and trying to pull it off. But, too quickly, the familiar stinging sensation of a Metroid sucking her energy shot through Samus. She shook her head to regain her focus and tried again. Even through the metal in her suit, she could feel that the Metroid was different than others. It was thicker and more resilient than normal. The jellyfish-like substance that formed its outer protective casing was as dense as peanut butter.
Once she got her hand inside the Metroid wasn’t able to pull it out. A few shots of her Power Beam straight into where she had hit managed to loosen it, but not well enough. Cursing in her head, Samus ran. The Metroid had shorted out her Morph Ball functionality, so she couldn’t try to remove it that way. Her HU
  TinglesIt was getting to be that time of day, Jack thought as she slid the rest of her groceries through the register. The short-haired girl bit the side of her lip as she pulled out her debit card and began to pay using the self-checkout. The less people she had to interact with in a given day, the better. After sliding her card and waiting to enter the PIN, she glanced at the name on the card. Jacqueline Ainsley. Well, it wasn’t completely right, but it worked at least. Jack would have preferred if it said Jack Ainsley, like it did less than a week ago.
Jack moved to the end of the register and placed her food into a series of plastic bags, hurrying as she looked at the clock on her mp3 player. The device was wedged into her new cleavage, and she could already feel a tingle coming from the spot that had nothing to do with the heavy bass coming from the headphones perched around her neck. It had been clockwork like this for days. Every day, precisely at noon, another transformation for

BioYuGi's clear and enthusiastic writing style makes for very enjoyable reads. His mind control challenges are a cool series and shows his versatility in making 12 unique days worth of stories and vignettes. He's got many types of erotic attitudes and themes, so you can try all the different flavors!

3: :iconmastertoymaker: - Next up!

4: :iconbrownhair798:

5: :iconslatelet:

6: :iconthefwank::iconspiralingstaircase: - By their powers combined!

7: :iconragnarok385:

8: :iconoceanaga:

9: ???

10: ???
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